Buffalo Night Life

The Varsity

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Everytime we talked I knew that you were the one for me but days away make me forget your face like lost keys to a closed door.
Now my throats soar, my eyes are dry all tears gone from me missing you I fall asleep holding my pillow, wonder if you thought about me tonight.
I dont want, for you to think im just gonna let you walk away see heavens gates are closing in now my arms are opening.
To the thought of, just having you walking up these stairs to my room now theres nothing better than playing you this song and having you listen to me tonight.
Baby if you only knew me better then you might, be sittin here holding my hand so tight never let me go are the words that i said to you, when you looked at me smiled and said you knew. You know that im a sucker for. you.
Pass the cards, now im betting your arm and your leg that things wont be the same without you, with me in your life tonight. Remember when I told you that you looked so pretty to me baby, we forgot our clothes, but you know thats just the way we roll

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